I created this dialogue generator after being inspired by I'll Do the Hot Voice which was inspired by Undertale. It was a great way to hone my Javascript, PHP, CSS and Database skills. The engine was built from scratch at first, but eventually I converted it to Angular JS which gave me a lot more oppurtunity to enhance what was already created.

"That's Great... but what is it?" -- MWP was created to allow YOU to create animations and scenes between your favorite characters from Undertale. These animations can be shared across the internet with a link. EG: https://www.madewithpizza.com/uqfanpni -or- Random These messages can even be embedded into your own website! So Cool.

MWP was not created by a team and was built soley by me, Jaken. Any requests made to enhance the site are most likely seen, but due to life being crazy and the thing called "Work" I can't promise to implement them without a reasonable amount of free time.

Made with Pizza started off as a simple project, but has grown to something much more. Thank you for all the support and to Toby Fox for making such an awesome game!

Special Thanks

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped keep this site up and going!
I hope this made you or someone else smile. -JAKEN <3

  • * All of -almost- everything used to create this is from the game "Undertale" by Toby Fox.
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Stay Determined!